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The road has been long from 1956 to today, but we have followed it through space and time on a voyage through the art of baking, from breadmaking to pastry making.

AQA e Farina, a leading company in Italy in handmade bread production, sprang from this experience. Our mission is to offer quality by going back to our roots.

Our products, the fruits of the skillful hands of qualified men and women who work day in and day out, will bring the old-time flavors of Tuscan tradition to your tables, your businesses and into your hands.



to street food

About five years ago we felt inspired to combine our experience in the breadmaking industry with that of street food.

This melting pot of ideas, experience, professionalism and quality gave origin to Panbriaco.

Panbriaco was founded just recently, formulated with a contemporary setup and committed to offering all the quality and originality of 100% Tuscan handmade products.

Our objective is to bring the Tuscan stuffed schiacciata (a kind of flatbread) to everyone’s mouth so that everyone can get to know the real flavors and scents of this region.





Five minutes to make it and not even in a lifetime…

Will you forget it!


Tomorrow Ill bring you a schiacciata
Wrote Lorenzo de’ Medici, called “THE MAGNIFICENT”.


Tuscan flatbread, also called “ciaccia”; or “schiaccia”; (Italian for “crush”) or “stiacciata” or schiacciata all’olio” (with olive oil) is a typical country food, the origins of which are as ancient as they are uncertain. In fact it seems that originally it was a disc of dough made by mixing water and various ground cereals, then flattened to be baked on ardent stones by the fire. In Tuscany people started baking in ovens in the Middle Ages.

In the region’s breadmaking tradition, farmers made bread once a week and filled the oven with many flatbread discs, which acted as an “indicator” of the right temperature for putting bread in the oven. Schiacciata dough is the same as that used to make bread: water, flour and mother culture, with an addition of extra virgin olive oil and salt on the top.



Enjoy real Tuscan flavor, pairing the lunch meats and cheeses offered up on our platters with wine.

From the cone for easy-going eating, to our mixed platter to indulge the palate with a broad selection of lunch meats and cheeses, all absolutely Tuscan.



“When wine is drunk by a drunkard, that wine is revenged on the drinker.

Leonardo Da Vinci

il gotto di panbriaco


Our offering of the best Tuscan wines completed by an excellent selection of other Italian wines has been gradually perfected, seeking to make a list that will take you from north to south, from east to west, down the paths of wine of our splendid region. A voyage through the countryside and famous hills, where we have selected the companies and wineries that today we are proud to work with, and at the same time offering you the best products from the territory.

This month’s stats

 stuffed flatbreads

bottles opened

kg of lunch meats sliced

kg of flour used



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100% of our partners and suppliers are exclusively Tuscan. Once again, we want to emphasize how truly close we are to our land. The selection of our products is in fact prepared by companies in the territory, from the famous Chianti hills to the Mugello Valley, crossing Maremma and the banks of the Arno..

We chose all of these companies because—just like we do for our flatbread—they tend to produce by hand, since they, too, are deeply rooted in old traditions and have set quality and originality of the product as their only goal.

We at Panbriaco proudly and clearly list all of our suppliers below, vouching for them 100%


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